Minutes of January Board Meeting

YAA Board Meeting January 21st, 2015

Attending: Ryan Cote ’92, Bonnie Faulkner ’77, Susan Patchell Harlow ’89, Carrie Logan ’96, Liz Reed Porter ’00, Aric Walton ’00 ; Ex Officio: David Ray, Ted Hall, Ben Soule

Absent: Larry Davis ’66, Sean Gallivan ’94, Tony Fortin ’77, Christie Smith Harriman ’74, Ben McNaboe ’11, Kristin Dennison Miles ’93, Janice Chaisson Seabury ’65, Kate Barker Shub ’98, Jason Sulham ’95 ; Ex Officio: Andrew Dolloff

!. Call to Order: President Carrie Logan called the meeting to order at 7:05 pm. Lacking a quorum, no official business was conducted.

2. Minutes: The Minutes of the October 1st meeting were presented, will be approved at April meeting.

3. Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was presented. The checking account balance stood at $9,097.74 on December 31, 2014. We have not yet paid for the 2014 film, which will reduce the balance by $4,000-5,000.

4. Principal’s Report: YHS Principal Ted Hall reported on a number of events , etc. at YHS, including: a new plaque for the Boyd Award, the Poetry Outloud Competition, Creative Writing Day, the Yarmouth Education Foundation, the fall musical “Urinetown”, the visit of the Maine Supreme Court to YHS in October, and several curriculum developments – the Common Core, graduation by proficiency, and Cornerstone Assessments.

5. Nominating Committee: Carrie Logan and Larry Davis will have served two terms by the Annual meeting, and will be ineligible to serve another term. Bonnie Faulkner and Ben McNaboe will be completing their first term at the Annual meeting, and eligible for reelection.

6. Program Committee:

Film – The 2014 film has not been completed, hopefully by next meeting.

Homecoming: Building on last fall’s modest start, plans are afoot for a bigger event in the fall of 2015, with field hockey and football games on Friday, soccer and volley ball games on Saturday, and a social gathering for alumni/ae off campus.

7. Communications: The YHS Facebook page is viewed and liked by over 800 people. Three suggestions were made: 1. the Newsletter be posted on the Facebook page, 2. Kate Shub post notice of the next Newletter on the Facebook page, and 3. Get data from Jason Sulham about out-of-date email addresses.

8. New Business:

Mission Statement: Bonnie Faulkner and Ben Soule drafted a shortened version of our Mission Statement. No action taken.

Hall of Honor: Carrie Logan and Ben Soule met with Athletic Director Susan Robbins recently to discuss the creation of an Athletic Hall of Honor. Carrie reported that it was decided at that meeting to create a small group consisting of staff and alumni/ae to pursue the idea, begin to establish criteria, etc. Then this initial group would expand to get input from more people. BOD members present expressed interest and support for the YAA’s involvement in this effort.

Fundraising: Given that the YAA is undertaking more programs, the need to raise additional funds to pay for them was discussed. A number of ideas were broached, including the establishment of an Annual Campaign. It was decided that an ad hoc committee be formed to explore these ideas.

Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm.

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