Late October 1966 & 2016

As the Class of 1967 prepares for their 50th Reunion, it is fun to look back at some of the memorable events of their Senior year. Ever since the YHS was opened in the fall of 1961, our librarians have kept scrapbooks with news stories about students, teams, faculty hires, and other events at YHS and the Yarmouth schools. We will be reporting on throughout the year, featuring classes who will be celebrating reunions in the coming year.

Late October brings the end to the fall sports season. As the current YHS teams enter the play-off season, we note that the 1966 YHS Boys Soccer team posted a record of 12-0, capturing the Triple C Championship. For you younger alums, Triple C stood for Cumberland County Conference, and included all the secondary schools in suburban Portland and western Cumberland County. The 1966 Clipper team featured a strong group of underclassmen, but seniors Gary Armstrong, Bob Billings, Terry Cekutis, and Bruce Fowler played key roles.

The YHS fall teams have had considerable success this year as well. The field hockey team compiled an 10-4 record in the regular season, and advanced through two rounds of the Class B South play-offs before losing to York 2-1 in the semi-finals. The volleyball team also recorded a 10-4 regular season record. The girls won two rounds of the Class A play-offs before bowing to Scarborough in the semi-finals. Both soccer teams are still alive, and will play at home on Saturday, October 29th. Both cross-country teams will compete in the Class B regionals at Twin Brooks on Saturday as well. The football team faces Wells in a Class C South encounter on Friday night.

Back to the fall of 1966. On October 26th the Associated Press carried a story about the newly-instituted dress code at Yarmouth High School. No doubt inspired by the advent of mini-skirts for girls, and long hair for boys, the code was passed by the School Committee upon the recommendation of the Student Council. Girls' skirts could be no higher than the knee, and slacks, sweatshirts, shorts and overlong earrings were banned. Boys' hair had to to 1/2" above the eyebrows, could not touch the shirt collar, hang over the ears, or be "artificially colored." Too-long side burns and beards were banned. Regarding apparel, boys could not wear sweatshirts, high-heeled boots, or club jackets, and they were required to wear socks. One wonders how long this code lasted, as photos from the 1970s show a much different picture of students.

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