About Us

The Yarmouth Schools have provided a fine education for hundreds of students over the years, and many students developed friendships which have lasted a lifetime. Unless alumni chose to live in the area, however, their connections with each other, the schools, and the town often ended. With this in mind, and with the intent of facilitating connections between alumni, and of fostering the interest of alumni in the Yarmouth schools, the Yarmouth Alumni Association was born in 2004.

A small group of alumni who live locally were asked to form the first Board of Directors. The School Committee created the position of Alumni Coordinator to assist in organizing the Association. The first task facing the Board was the creation of By-Laws. They borrowed liberally from models of alumni organizations at other public and private secondary schools. After considering several drafts, the Board approved the By-Laws at its May 2006 meeting. Officers were elected and committees were created. The Association filed for Articles of Incorporation with the State of Maine as a nonprofit corporation, and for Exemption from Federal Income Tax under Section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Board of Directors has decided to give priority to the efforts listed below for the near future:

1. Locating and establishing a database of alumni
2. Supporting reunions
3. Increasing the visibility of the Association

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